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Jammin' the Blues
Jonathan Stout & his Campus Five
Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five featuring Hilary Alexander are a septet dedicated to playing dance tunes from the golden age of small group swing, specializing in rare tunes and unique arangements of favorites. Their CDs include songs from the Benny Goodman Sextet, Artie Shaw and his Gramercy Five, Lester Young, Duke Ellington, Ella Mae Morse, Anita O'Day and Django Reinhardt. The Campus Five features leader Jonathan Stout on electric and acoustic archtop guitar, the trumpet and vocals of Jim Ziegler, reeds by Albert Alva, Jim Garafolo on upright bass, the indominable Chris Dawson on keys, and Josh "Kid" Callazo on skins, with featured vocalist Hilary Alexander.

1.Seven Come Eleven (Christian/Goodman) - 2:53 - 226 bpm
2.Oomph Fa Fa (Larkins) - 3:35 - 131 bpm
3.Getting Dizzy* (D.Stout) - 3:46 - 156 bpm
4.Mister 5x5 (DePaul/Raye) - 3:07 - 125 bpm
5.Lester’’s Bebop Boogie (Young) - 3:09 - 162 bpm
6.Lester Leaps In (Young) - 2:42 - 217 bpm
7.Stuffy (Hawkins)** - 3:47 - 152 bpm
8.Cow Cow Boogie (Carter/DePaul/Raye) - 3:57 - 104 bpm
9.Flying Home (Goodman/Hampton) - 3:27 - 196 bpm
10.Down the Road a Piece (Raye) - 2:38 - 166 bpm
11.Minor Swing (Grappelli/Reinhardt) - 3:28 - 200 bpm
12.Benny’’s Bugle (Basie/Goodman) - 3:31 - 180 bpm
13.I’’ll See You In My Dreams (Jones/Kahn) - 2:45 - 151 bpm
14.Diga Diga Doo (Fields/McHugh) - 3:09 - 227 bpm
15.Swingin’’ on Nothin’’ (Oliver/Moore) - 3:44 - 126 bpm
16.Cottontail** (Ellington) - 3:09 - 225 bpm
17.Grand Slam (Goodman) -3:25 - 173 bpm
18.Squatty Roo (Ellingotn) - 3:43 - 167 bpm
19.Shoo Fly Pie (Gallop/Wood) - 3:10 - 125 bpm
20.Half Tight Boogie (Johnson) - 3:41 - 154 bpm
21.Jammin’’ the Blues (Young) - 3:45 - 231 bpm

Jammin' the Blues, CD
Price: $15

Crazy Rhythm, Jonathan Stout & his Campus Five
1.Boff Boff(Mop Mop)[Hawkins] - 2:32 - 227 bpm
2.Jacquet in the Box [Jacquet] - 3:07 - 146 bpm
3.Honeysuckle Rose [Razaf / Waller] - 3:15 - 162 bpm
4.Somebody Loves Me [DeSylva / MacDonald / Gershwin] - 2:55 - 148bpm
5.Drum Boogie [Eldridge / Krupa] - 3:17 - 181 bpm
6.Hop, Skip and Jump [Carleton / Shaw] - 2:48 - 191 bpm
7.Comes Love [Stept / Brown / Tobias] - 5:10 - 123 bpm
8.Boog-It [Calloway / Ram Palmer] - 2:48 - 149 bpm
9.Dark Eyes [Traditional] - 3:22 - 260 bpm
10.Goody Goody [Mercer / Malneck] - 4:46 - 129 bpm
11.Gotta Do Some War Work [Williams] - 4:10 - 150 bpm
12.Why Don't You Do Right [McCoy] - 4:59 - 119 bpm
13.Savoy Blip [Berry / Jacquet] - 2:56 - 156 bpm
14.Doin' at the Doing [Jonathan Stout] - 3:00 - 248 bpm
15.Massachusetts [Razaf / Roberts] - 3:48 - 141 bpm
16.Six Appeal [Goodman] - 3:29 - 138 bpm
17.Bloodhound [Page] - 2:48 - 213 bpm
18.There'll Be Some Changes Made [Higgins / Overstreet] - 3:21 - 127 bpm
19.You Talk a Little Trash [Williams] - 3:55 - 168 bpm
20.Sir Charles Boogie [Thompson] - 3:32 - 182
21.Crazy Rhythm [Kahn / Meyer / Caesar] - 2:10 - 259 bpm

Crazy Rhythm , CD
Price: $15


Leonard Reed's "32 Bar Riff" CD

Leonard Reed was a proflific song writer throughout his life. Perhaps one of his last works was "32 Bar Riff", which he wrote especially to accompany his Shim Sham dances.

As a gift to Leonard, Rusty brought into the recording studio his favorite maestro of 1920s and '30's music, Mr. Dean Mora. As Rusty was to Leonard's Shim Shams, Dean was to Leonard's compositions. Dean brought in his "Mora's Modern Swingtet" musicians, including the amazing Brian Atkinson on vibes. Dean Mora arranged Leonard's "32 Bar Riff" and the resulting recording is a wonderful testiment to Leonard Reed's songwriting ability.

There are nine specially prepared tracks just for the Shim Sham. Three tracks with Rusty's taps at progressively faster tempos, and five tracks without her taps at progressively faster tempos. Plus one bonus track with five chorus to dance every single one of Leonard's Shim Sham choruses.

Leonard Reed's 32 Bar Riff
Price: $15.95


Classic Songs for Leonard Reed's Shim Sham Shimmy

Two fun-filled songs especially written for Leonard Reed's Shim Sham Shimmy by award-winning Hollywood composer Will Ryan, are performed once with taps, then at three progressive tempos - plus an added bonus performance with full vocals by the wonderful Palm Springs Yacht Club.

There are total of eleven tracks, especially prepared for your dancing pleasure.

Classic Songs for Leonard Reed's Shim Sham
Price: $15.95

Tap Dance Made Easy, DVD for dancers to learn tap at home! Eli Newsome!Tap Dance Made Easy CD
Price: $19.95
Eli Newsom CD, over

Created for both tap students and teachers, this audio CD contains high-quality music tracks specifically composed or hand-selected as ideal tracks for tap dance learning and instruction. It contains the same songs used on the Tap Dance Made Easy instructional DVD series in an easy-to-use format.

The CD is divided into two sections. The first section has shorter songs, which are great to use for practicing the basics and center floor exercises, and the second section has longer songs, which are great for combinations or across the floor exercises.

All of the shorter songs repeat, usually about four times, within each track. This allows you to repeat or reverse the step without having to restart the track from the beginning each time.

The two main rhythmic qualities found in music are both represented on this CD: 'straight' (straight or even 8th notes) and 'swing' (dotted or swung 8th notes).

All songs have in intro, usually one count of eight, and tempos range between 80bpm and 170bpm.

Approx. run time: 74 minutes. Audio CD, 2008. Produced by Eli Newsom.

Tap Dance Made Easy, DVD for dancers to learn tap at home! Eli Newsome!Tap Dance Made Easy CD
Price: $19.95
Eli Newsom CD, over

Length: 74 minutes

Callin All Jitterbugs by the Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra
Their second cd has 14 great tracks, including 13 of Bills amazing originals plus a re-creation of the 1944 hit On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe. Like his latest cd (Swingin the Century), this one also has a wide range of styles and dancer-friendly tempos. It also includes several tracks that have appeared in Hollywood films such as Independence Day, Nixon, and Cats Don't Dance. 

Unfortunately, these wonderful cds from Bill Elliott are no longer being duplicated. When we are out, we are out.

Calling All Jitterbugs, CD
Price: $15


Swingin' the Century, Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra
Their fabulous third cd has fifteen tracks that include ten of Bill Elliott’s brand-new original songs and five classic tunes from the first swing era. Songs include Swingin the Century, Oh Lady Be Good, Blues in the Night,Camp Hollywood Special, and The Shim Sham Song. (Yes, the Shim Sham Song is to die for!)

Unfortunately, these wonderful cds from Bill Elliott are no longer being duplicated. When we are out, we are out.

Swingin' the Century, CD
Price: $15






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