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PaddleBall Orange Yellow BluePADDLEBALL UNO by Active People is a reintroduction of an old game. They made this durable. The paddle won't break. The string is reattachable and durable. This is not like those $1 party favors! This one will last.

PaddleBall is a fast pace, rhythmic game that challenges your reactions and coordination. The rubber ball is attached to the bat with a super-elastic string. Play it one or two handed, alone or with friends. Countless tricks and variations are possible with this classic among the skill toys.

This redesigned version has an ergonomic grip and a simple string length adjustment. The paddle comes with elastic string and a small booklet with 30 trick ideas.

Children and adults can test their dexterity as they pat the ball out and try to maintain control as it returns on the string.

But it's the paddle-ball's material that gives it that extra appeal. The high gloss finish and transparent color with attractive target graphic gives this claAll 3 colorsssic game an updated look. A beautiful plastic piece.

Key features: Beautiful finish. Improves hand to eye coordination. Great to hold. Durable plastic. Includes a 30 trick booklet.

Specifications: Overall: 27(l) x 12.5(w)cm. Ball: 2.5 cm diameter. Age group: 8 years and above.

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